Director / Editor



Mohammad Saad Nawab’s father was an artist whose paintbrush never saw its masterpiece. Having chosen financial stability over artistic expression, his father doodled ever day on a piece of paper in regret. With a decision to build on his father’s unrealized legacy and never wanting to grow up, Saad decided to be a teller of stories that harbor the themes of innocence, death and religion.

His journey to be a storyteller of significance led him from the conservative landscape of the Middle East to a strict boarding school in the mountains of Western India to the prestigious hallways of the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda where he graduated with an honors degree in English. He ended up in Bombay somehow and came under the tutelage of some of India’s most respected filmmakers who taught him the ways of visual storytelling.

One fine late night, while braving a precarious street, he chanced upon an unattended portal to the College of Motion Picture Arts at Florida State University. Stepping through it, he discovered the madness and rewards of film school and decided to stay. Two years and an MFA in Film Production later, Saad believes he is wise enough to view the world in a different continuum. Now, he embarks on another journey in search of a mythical book of untold stories that might be the key to changing the course of his undefined future. 

Saad’s thesis film “Frankenstein’s Light” is the recipient of the Director’s Guild of America award among many others in various film festivals. His films, as well as those he has worked on in various capacities, have won several awards themselves and played in film festivals across the world.

He currently resides in Bombay, India. He did not get the memo about the name Bombay being changed to Mumbai.